Google Sites is a Google platform that allows you to create websites. Among Google's many options is the option to embed a genially on these sites.

In this article, we'll explain:

  • How to embed a genially on Google Sites

How to embed a genially on Google Sites

Once you've logged into your Google account within Google Sites:

1. In the Main Panel of Google Sites click on the "plus" button to create a new site.

2. Edit your website's design.

3. When you're ready to embed a genially, click on Insert.

4. Within the window that opens, choose the Insert code option.

5. In Genially, copy the html code of your genially.

6. Paste the code you copied into the window open in Google Sites. Click Next.

7. You'll be taken to a preview of the result. If you like it, click on Insert.

8. Change the dimensions and position of your genially if desired.