Want to hone in on the tiniest detail of the images in your genially? Do you just love seeing interactive images up close? We’ve got you covered.

With Full screen interactivity, you can expand any image, text or interactive element***  (even your favorite GIF) to fit the size of your screen with just one click. That way, your audience will be able to see the little details really easily; they won’t miss a thing!

This type of interactivity is extremely useful in creations which include lots of images and which, due to the limited space on the canvas, can’t be seen in as much detail as we might like.

Applying this type of interactivity is super easy, just follow these steps:

  • Click on the image or resource you want. If you haven’t uploaded it yet, check out this tutorial to see how to insert images in your creations
  • Click on the interactivity icon that appears just above the element. 
  • In the interactivity window, click on the Full screen option.
  • Finally, click Save.

NOTE: You can’t apply full screen interactivity to an invisible area, graphs or charts or interactive questions.

All set! Now you can make images full screen in just one click. All that’s left is to publish your creation and see the result.

***IMPORTANT: This type of interactivity can only be applied to these kinds of elements:

  • Image: in any of the allowed formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, .gif)
  • Resources: applicable to all categories in this section except for graphs and tables.
  • Interactive elements: only applicable to these categories: Buttons, Markers, and Social Networks.
  • Text: any type of text or group of texts.
  • Sets and grouped elements: only sets or groups that are made up of images, texts, resources, or interactive elements mentioned in this section.